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Our University Contributes to Science World with Kurutlu Excavation
Our university, which sheds light on the science world with its studies, continues to support excavation works. Kurutlu excavation, which is supported by Kırşehir Ahi Evran University and takes place in Kaman district, Savcılı-Kurutlu village, has been going on since 2015 under the guidance of ...
11 September 2020
Turkmenistan Ambassador İşankuli Amanliyev Visits Rector Karakaya
Turkmenistan Ambassador İşankuli Amanliyev has paid a visit to the Rector of our university Prof. Vatan Karakaya. He made consultations about the Turkmen students who study at our university during the visit taking place in the office of the Rector on the date of 26th August 2020. Ambassador ...
26 August 2020
Afghanistan Embassy Education Attaché Nurullah Nuri Visists Rector Karakaya
Education Attaché of Afghanistan Embassy Nurullah Nuri visited the Rector of our university Prof. Vatan Karakaya. The ideas about education were exchanged during the visit that took place on the date of 20th August 2020 in the rectorship office. Education Attaché of Afghanistan Embassy ...
20 August 2020
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