Our university continues to put Pilot university projects into effect within the scope of Mission Differentiation and Specialization based on the Regional Development Project. A protocol was signed between our university and investor company on 6 August 2018 within the scope of Geothermal Greenhouse Project which is one of the pilot university projects. As a part of the protocol, our university has decided to give worker and education support, intern student support, analysis support, product marketing support, bureaucracy support, and design support to the investor company.


The groundbreaking ceremony of the thermal greenhouses which are planned to be one of the biggest greenhouses in Turkey was made on 19 March 2019. Governor of Kırşehir İbrahim Akın, Deputy of Kırşehir Mustafa Kendirli, Mayor of Kırşehir Yaşar Bahçeci, Deputy Rector Prof. Dr. Mustafa Kurt and a great number of bureaucrats and investors have attended the ceremony.