Kırşehir Ahi Evran University chosen as a Pilot University on the fields of Agriculture and Geothermal continues to support the development of its region. The works at the construction area of "Clustering in Thermal Greenhouses Project" were examined by the Rector of our University Prof. Dr. Vatan Karakaya, Vice-Rectors Prof. Dr. Mustafa Kurt and Prof. Dr. Ahmet Gökbel, Secretary-General Mehmet Zeki Küçük, Coordinator of Pilot University Projects Assist. Prof. Dr.  Ramazan Ayrancı and the accompanying committee on the date of 1 August 2019. 

Rector Karakaya said that the works at the construction area continue rapidly and will be completed in a short time. Rector Karakaya gave information about the technical features of the construction and said that the administrative part of the operation building has 262.00 square meters, the engine room has 203.00 square meters area. He also said that Venlo type glass research greenhouse has 7 parts and 1535.00 square meters area in total. 6 compartments will be used as soilless agriculture greenhouse and 1 compartment will be soil agriculture greenhouse, he added. Rector Karakaya said that the most important item of the project, which is geothermal water, has been supplied thanks to "Providing Geothermal Resource and Delivering to Project Areas" Project. Irrigation water, electricity, gas-fired boiler, burner and generator deficiencies have been eliminated, the construction will be over soon and production will begin, he says. 

Rector Karakaya: “Pilot Projects are important for the future of Turkey”

Rector Karakaya said that Kırşehir Ahi Evran University continues to be a model with its works and projects and these pilot projects are important for the future of Turkey.  

Rector Karakaya: “We will educate, provide employment and produce”

He also said that the main aim of Pilot projects is to educate people, provide employment to them and produce. Medical and aromatic plants that will be grown in the greenhouses will be used as material for phytotherapy applications at the Complementary Medicine Center of our University.