Assist. Prof. Dr. Emre Yavuzer from the Faculty of Engineering-Architecture Department of Food Engineering and Lecturer Şefik Tekle from Kaman Vocational School Department of Food Processing produced gelatine from fish skin. 

Gelatine is a protein that is acquired from collagen which is placed in the skin, bones, and tendons in the body. It is mostly acquired from pigskin because it is cheaper. It is an important food additive and also it is used in the production of medication, cosmetics, photos, painting and pesticides, and many technological products. 

Fish skin is evaluated as waste materials. As a result of the studies conducted at our university gelatine classified as halal food has been produced. Assist. Prof. Dr. Emre Yavuzer said "This gelatine acquired from fish skin is cheaper, more digestible and its essential amino acid ingestion is easier than gelatine acquired from pigskin. We produced jelly tots including fish oil, black seed oil, oil of thyme and ginger. Additionally, we shared our analyses and shelf life observations with food processing companies."

The data preparation process is completed for production and now it is time for technology transfer.