Our university has taken a series of precautions against Coronavirus affecting the whole world and our country. After the emergence of Coronavirus our university started informing campaigns and now it continues to fulfil its duties on the precautions that should be taken by our academic and administratice staff and students 

Information Has Been Given About Protection From and Control of Coronavirus 

Many studies have been carried out in order to raise awareness of our staff, students and public opinion at our university. Firstly, the letter and posters of the Ministry of Health entitled "Protection and Control Precautions Against Coronavirus" have been sent to all units of the university and announced to the staff. All informative materials prepared by the Ministry of Health have been followed closely and shared on the web site of our university and sent to our staff and students via e-mail and SMS. Our cleaning staff has been informed about the precautions needed to be taken against Coronavirus threat.

Student and Staff Services, Cafeterias and Buildings Have Been Disinfected 

Disinfection works started especially with cafeteria, staff and student service vehicles. Disinfection works continue in all campuses of our university rigth now. Especially crowded units and places are disinfected and precautions agains Coronavirus continues non-stop. Disinfection works will continue periodically.

COVID-19 Pandemic Advisory Commission (COV COM) Established

"COVID-19 Pandemic Advisory Commission (COV COM)" has been established at our university and meetings have been made in order to inform our academic and administrative staff and students continuously and regularly. Cov-Com provides true, confidential and quick information flow in order to prevent spread of COVID-19 virus among our staff and students, the ones in the risk group, the possible virus epidemic that would effect our country and the precaution to be taken and tries to reach its aim by doing their job the best they can.  

A Decision Has Been Taken About Giving 12 Days Off to the Ones in the Risk Group 

Within the scope of the official letter sent by the Presidency to the unites pregnant women, women on breastfeeding break, disabled ones and the ones who are over 60 are given 12 days off in order to prevent the spread of the virus.  

All Activities Has Been Cancelled

All activities (conference, panel,symposium, seminar, trip, etc.) have been cancelled by the Rector of our University between the dates of 13-31 March 2020 due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) measures. Comprehensive information has been given to the administers of the Faculties/Schools/ Vocational Schools/Graduate Schools and administrative units about new Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the administrators get information about the virus given by the lecturers to the students.

Student Cafeterias and the Library Have Been Closed 

All units of the library, reading halls, swimming pool, sports halls and student cafeterias have been closed as a result of the break from education. Disinfection works (especilly the constantly touched surfaces like door handles, table, puch buttons, phones etc. have been cleaned with water-soap/detergent and the toilets have been cleaned with bleacher) started in canteens, tea rooms and cafeterias serving to staff. Hygiene products and hand sanitizers have been provided to all academic and administrative units.

Precaution in the Cafeterias Have Been Increased 

New arrangements have been made in cafeterias ithin the scope of precautions taken against Coronavirus pandemic, food service times have been extended between 11.00 and 13.00 in order to prevent the crowd in our cafeterieas. Additionally, spoon, fork and knife will be given in covers.

Permissions to Go Abroad Have Been Cancelled for Academic and Administrative Staff 

All permissions to go abroad for the academic and administrative staff of our university have been cancelled until further notice, including the previously planned ones.

Precautions on International Student Lecturer Exchange Programs Have Been Taken 

The Commission has decided to cancel the announcements about Foreign Language Training Abroad, Mevlana and Project Based Mevlana Programs conducted by our university, and to wait for the decision of the Council of Higher Education about the applications previously taken, to inform our students who are abroad within the scope of any exhange program about up-to-date information and to stay in touch with Turkish Diplomatic Representatives (Embassies, Consulates and Charge d'affairs).

Additionnaly, the commission has decided to contact with Turkish and foreign students who come from abroad, to inform them to abide by "the rule of 14 days" and stay away from the crowded places and share their contact informmation with the Provincial Directorate of Health oficially.