Our University continues to take additional precautions against Coronavirus in parallel to the warnings of the Ministry of Health. Disinfectant Devices have been placed to 150 different places like cafeteria, library, classrooms, offices, wc etc. where mostly used by our academic and administrative staff and students. Therfore, our academic and administrative staff and students will be protected more affectively against Coronavirus pandemic thanks to the devices that include disinfectant solution and destroy germs. Additionally, within the scope of Coronavirus (COVID-19) precautions, our Central Library will not be serving to its users for 3 weeks starting from 17th March 2020. The services provided electronically will continue uninterruptedly. Return dates of the borrowed books have been extended to 6 April 2020 in order to prevent any unjust treatment for the ones who borrowed books from our Central Library.

Rector Karakaya : "We Increase Precautions Against Coronavirus”

The Rector of our University Prof. Vatan Karakaya said that our country gives a good account of itself with the precautions taken by the Ministry of Health and he added that the buildings and facilities have been cleaned and disinfected by the cleaning staff. He also said "We follow the announcements made by the Ministry of Health closely as Kırşehir Ahi Evran University. We took our precautions in parallel to the predicts of the Ministry of Health quickly and we are increasing our precautions right now; we are completing the placement of 150 disinfectant devices to different places like cafeteria, library, offices, classrooms, wc etc. which are mostly used places by our staff and the students. As the university, we took our measures and precautions in order to prevent our students to be infected with any kind of disease and we will continue to take our measures."