Education Attaché of Afghanistan Embassy Nurullah Nuri visited the Rector of our university Prof. Vatan Karakaya. The ideas about education were exchanged during the visit that took place on the date of 20th August 2020 in the rectorship office. 

Education Attaché of Afghanistan Embassy Nurullah Nuri said that Kırşehir Ahi Evran University has come to a significant position in its region and city with its studies and projects, and these projects carried out by our university on education are quite valuable. He also said that he is pleased to be in Kırşehir and our university. Moreover, he stressed the importance of Afghan students receiving education at Kırşehir Ahi Evran University and transferring their education to the next generations and becoming cultural envoys for both countries. 

The rector Vatan Karakaya gave information about the projects and studies of our university, and he added the fact that our university is the first state university which received Quality Management Certification and set a model for other universities in our country. Rector Karakaya also said they follow Ahi Evran-ı Veli's human training model and give priority to quality in education, and in line with this purpose, Ahi Education Project Based on Competence (AYDEP) system was activated. Thanks to this system, the students were able to continue their education during the pandemic, says Prof. Vatan Karakaya. At the end of the visit, rector Karakaya thanked the Education Attaché of Afghanistan Embassy Nurullah Nuri.