Turkmenistan Ambassador İşankuli Amanliyev has paid a visit to the Rector of our university Prof. Vatan Karakaya. He made consultations about the Turkmen students who study at our university during the visit taking place in the office of the Rector on the date of 26th August 2020. 

Ambassador Amanliyev said that they want to draw information about the Turkmen students who study at our university, and he also stated that they are quite pleased their students to take place in Kırşehir Ahi Evran University family. İşamkuli Amanliyev thanked Rector Karakaya because of his efforts to teach Turkish Culture to Turkmen students and their adaptation to it. He also said the sentimental values obtained by the students coming from all corners of the earth are significant. 

Rector Karakaya: “The Values We Own Are The Biggest Heritage From Our Civilization”

The Rector Prof. Vatan Karakaya said that it is highly valuable for the foreign students to get the knowledge and the values in Kırşehir Ahi Evran University and carry them to their countries. He also added: "The values we own are the biggest heritage from our civilization. It is our biggest goal to relive the Anatolian spirit and to transfer the Turkish culture to the next generations. We are happy to bring together the different colors of the world under the same roof. For this reason, each and every one of our foreign students are valuable for us, and we try to make them feel like home. this cultural interaction makes our cultural values stronger."

Ambassador Amanliyev thanked the university administration and the Rector Karakaya, who support the active studies of Turkmen students. He also presented a certificate of appreciation to Turkmen student representative Agamyrat Boryyev who studies at the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, the Department of International Relations.

After the visit, Turkmenistan Ambassador İşankuli Amanliyev attended the interview taking place at Ahi Evran Congress and Culture Center Fuat Sezgin Hall. The Vice-Rector Prof. Ahmet Gökbel and the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Prof. Nur Çetin accompanied the ambassador. He came together with the 20 students who study at our university and he listened to their problems.