The Student Boutique of our University was established in the beginning of 2014 under the Department of Health, Culture and Sports.


To provide free clothes to students of Kırşehir Ahi Evran University.

How do we supply clothes for students'?
At our university's Bagbasi Campus, the cost of clothes is provided through our donation to our boutique located on the ground floor of the Faculty of Medicine building.

Quality of Clothes
The clothing that comes from our wedding is scrupulously scrutinized and it takes place in the department after deciding that they are modern and clean.
For this reason, people who want to support all kinds of clothes, shoes and accessories (bags, belts, necklaces, etc.) are expected to show the necessary sensitivity in terms of cleaning and availability of the products.

Students' Furnitures
Bed, Blanket, Chair, Table, Coffee Table, Wardrobe, Bunk Bed, Washing Machine, Television, Vacuum Cleaner, Office Desk, Carpet, Spout

How can our students benefit?
Our students can benefit from the boutique by showing their ID cards and working hours without any charge.

Where is Student Boutique?
Ahi Evran University Student Boutique
Bağbaşı Campus
Entrance floor of the Faculty of Medicine.

0 386 280 4391